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Blue Skies

I've moved!

In October 2023, I relocated my practice to Maryville Wellness Center. We are across from the Maryville USPS at 211 Foothills Mall Drive.

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Blue Skies


My name is Dr. Hardy, but you are welcome to call me "Jenn." My pronouns are she/her.

I see therapy as a collaborative process. We are both experts. I am an expert on mental health, and you are an expert on yourself. We'll work together to help you gain insights into your problems and the reasons that they are sticking around.

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Blue Skies

I think that it is a great thing you've ended up here, now. You are worth taking care of. Change is hard and takes work. Even so, it's possible. I've seen it time and time again with so many clients. It is possible for you, too. These links will connect you to some great resources on the Internet.

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