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Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to be able to be your therapist. I see clients in person at my office in Maryville, TN. I am legally not allowed to see people who reside outside of the State of Tennessee. Not to worry, I cover the ins and outs of finding a therapist in a couple of my newsletters listed below.

If you didn't find me on Instagram, then go find me on Instagram! Links are available at the bottom of this page. I write on all kinds of topics including careers, relationships, self-care, and mental health.

I will periodically update this page to include links to past quarterly newsletters, podcasts, and media interviews.

Podcast Appearances:

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess--Episode 21...Is Your Situation Toxic AF?? Here’s How to Tell (And What to Do)! | Love + Relationships: Click Here

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess--Episode 7 It's 2021! Here's the KEY to a Happier You, this New Year: Click Here

Trust & Thrive--Authenticity over Perfection: Click Here

Liveng Proof--Attachment Styles, Nuances of Conflict, and Self-Forgiveness: Click Here

Nutrition Matters--How the Binge-Restrict Pattern Shows up in Other Areas of Life: Click Here

Holding Space for Therapists--Part 2: Stepping into Social Media: Click Here

Holding Space for Therapists--Part 1: Shifting the Insurance Narrative and Setting up Shop in a Rural Community: Click Here

Your Anxiety Toolkit--Affordable Self-Care Interview with Kimberley Quinlain, LMFT: Click Here

Interviews Archives:

Interview for WBIR about Fake Positivity on Social Media: Click Here

Interview for WBIR about my Instagram Writing: Click Here

Interview for Teen Vogue on Therapy Influencers: Click Here

Interview for The Healthy on Goal-Setting: Click Here

​Interview for Shine Text on Dealing with One-Sided Relationships: Click Here

Interview for Shine Text on Releasing Pressure to Fix Everything: Click Here

Interview for Psych Central on Social Media Comparison: Click Here

Interview for WBIR about my Sleep Disturbance During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Click Here

Internet Articles and Blogposts Archives:

​Blog for Time2Track on Affordable Self-Care as a Graduate Student: Click Here


Newsletter Archives:

Vol 1 (January 2019): Self-care, How to Find a Therapist

Vol 2 (April 2019): Working through Trauma, Supporting Someone through Trauma

Vol 3 (July 2019): Therapy approaches defined, Questions to ask a potential therapist, How to Find Affordable Therapy

Vol 4 (October 2019): Top 10 Career Tips

Vol 5 (December 2019): Top 10 Lessons about Change

Vol 6 (March 2020): How to Find Friends as a Grown-Up

Vol 7 (June 2020): Common Reactions to Stress; Burnout Prevention Tips

Vol 8 (October 2020): Part of my Career Story

Vol 9 (December 2020): Looking back on 2020, Looking forward on 2021