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Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to be able to be your therapist. Though I am authorized as a Telehealth provider through PSYPACT, I have decided to limit my psychotherapy practice to individuals who can reasonably travel to my office for appointments (once it is safe to do so). If that's not you, then consider taking my free e-course called Begin. It's all about how to find a therapist.

That said, there may be an option for us to work together, if you live in a PSYPACT state and are interested in career counseling. Click here to learn more.

If you didn't find me on Instagram, then go find me on Instagram! Links are available at the bottom of this page. I write on all kinds of topics including careers, relationships, self-care, and mental health.

I will periodically update this page to include links to past quarterly newsletters, podcasts, and media interviews.

Podcast Appearances:

WPSU's Speaking Grief-- July 27, 2022, Moderator for Help Me With My Grief: Making Sense of Various Support Services and Finding the Best Fit for You: Click Here

BodAlmighty-- June 5, 2022, How to Understand Binge Eating With Dr. Jenn Hardy: Click Here

Let's Discuss...with Meg Duke-- April 26, 2022, Exhaling Into Relationships, Abandoning Perfectionism: Click Here

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess--Episode 21...Is Your Situation Toxic AF?? Here’s How to Tell (And What to Do)! | Love + Relationships: Click Here

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess--Episode 7 It's 2021! Here's the KEY to a Happier You, this New Year: Click Here

Trust & Thrive--Authenticity over Perfection: Click Here

Liveng Proof--Attachment Styles, Nuances of Conflict, and Self-Forgiveness: Click Here

Nutrition Matters--How the Binge-Restrict Pattern Shows up in Other Areas of Life: Click Here

Holding Space for Therapists--Part 2: Stepping into Social Media: Click Here

Holding Space for Therapists--Part 1: Shifting the Insurance Narrative and Setting up Shop in a Rural Community: Click Here

Your Anxiety Toolkit--Affordable Self-Care Interview with Kimberley Quinlain, LMFT: Click Here

Interviews Archives:

Interview for WBIR about Fake Positivity on Social Media: Click Here

Interview for WBIR about my Instagram Writing: Click Here

Interview for Teen Vogue on Therapy Influencers: Click Here

Interview for The Healthy on Goal-Setting: Click Here

​Interview for Shine Text on Dealing with One-Sided Relationships: Click Here

Interview for Shine Text on Releasing Pressure to Fix Everything: Click Here

Interview for Psych Central on Social Media Comparison: Click Here

Interview for WBIR about my Sleep Disturbance During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Click Here

Internet Articles and Blogposts Archives:

​Blog for Time2Track on Affordable Self-Care as a Graduate Student: Click Here


Newsletter Archives:

Vol 1 (January 2019): Self-care, How to Find a Therapist

Vol 2 (April 2019): Working through Trauma, Supporting Someone through Trauma

Vol 3 (July 2019): Therapy approaches defined, Questions to ask a potential therapist, How to Find Affordable Therapy

Vol 4 (October 2019): Top 10 Career Tips

Vol 5 (December 2019): Top 10 Lessons about Change

Vol 6 (March 2020): How to Find Friends as a Grown-Up

Vol 7 (June 2020): Common Reactions to Stress; Burnout Prevention Tips

Vol 8 (October 2020): Part of my Career Story

Vol 9 (December 2020): Looking back on 2020, Looking forward on 2021

Vol 10 (July 2021): Managing your Inner Critic

Vol 11 (September 2021): What I Learned from my Worst Job Interviews