I have launched an e-course which I hope to be the first of many. You'll find it here in The School for Being Who You Are: A Place Where Practicality, Authenticity, and Intuition Align. My first course is called Mend: A Course to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself. In Mend, you'll find over 2 hours of guided instruction as well as a 25 page workbook full of journal prompts, exercises, and resources.

Be sure to also take a look at my Writing and Media page where you'll find links to past interviews, podcasts, and newsletters. This resource list is a work in progress. I will keep adding to this page, as I find (and remember!) good websites.

My Favorite Book Recommendations:

I created a collection of books through When you make a purchase through this website, I receive a small commission and independent bookstores also receive a portion of each sale.

Suicidal Thoughts and Crisis Resources:

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Crisis Text Line

Directory of Crisis Lines compiled by PsychCentral

Career Issues:

Directory of Career Planning websites on NCDA

Anxiety, Depression, and Grief:

Anxiety and Depression Association of America


Grief Plan