Career Psychotherapy

You'll notice I used the phrase "career psychotherapy" instead of words like "career coaching" or "career counseling." Why? Good question!

I find oftentimes when people feel confused or stuck about their career it may be because of some underlying mental health issue. It's tough to interview well when you are overwhelmed by social anxiety. It's easy to talk yourself out of applying to jobs when you feel too depressed to motivate yourself to get applications done.

With my approach, we do all of the things you would talk about with a coach or counselor. We also work together to address and improve the mental health issues keeping you stuck. We'll work on treating your social anxiety right alongside your job search. We'll problem-solve ways to relieve your depression so you feel more energy and confidence to sort through job postings and actually get  applications submitted.

Whether you are looking to figure out a career path or college major, transition to a new career, build better relationships at work, or plan for retirement, you'll benefit from having me on your team.