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Career Counseling

I tell people that I accidentally fell in love with career counseling. At the time it first entered my world, I was relieved to simply get my doctoral studies funded somewhere. My graduate assistantship at Penn State's Career Services meant I could afford to stay in school. It was a practical decision at the time, not a heartfelt one.


And then.


And then, I get there and learn a ton about career decision-making, job searches, interviewing, grad school application processes, and more. Before I knew it, I was looking forward to my work shifts at Career Services. I surprised myself by how much I loved reviewing and tweaking application documents. Love does that to you, I guess. ;)

I can't oversell how much I love the energy and empowerment of career counseling. So much of our career development involves taking big risks on ourselves. Some of us are good at big risks. Many of us aren't. And so, it helps to have a career counselor in our corner as we navigate the process in an authentic way that honors our strengths, hopes, and needs. I love being that career counselor.

Reasons to Seek Career Counseling

Here are some of the reasons that people have sought career counseling with me.

  1. Job searching

  2. Applying to graduate school

  3. Anxiety about interviewing or poor interviewing skill

  4. Document development review (resumé, cover letter, CV, personal statements, etc)

  5. Career indecision, including transitioning to a new career

  6. Dissatisfaction with their current job/career but feeling confused about what comes next

  7. Preparation for and adjustment to retirement

Career Counseling with Me

Here's the logistical side of career counseling with me. Please read all of this information before emailing me to schedule an appointment.

  1. My work hours are 7:30am-2pm EST, M-F.

  2. These appointments will all be Telehealth. I use a HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform.

  3. I am authorized as a Telehealth provider through PSYPACT. Click here to see if you reside in one of those states. The rules here apply to where "your feet are on the ground," not where your official residency is.

  4. Please understand that career counseling is not the same as mental health therapy. For example, I will not be evaluating you for any mental health diagnoses. We will not be specifically treating your mental health issues. Please seek out mental health treatment if you believe you have a mental health disorder that is impairing your relationships and/or life. That said, I understand the toll an unhealthy career environment can have (e.g., workplace bullying, burnout, etc.) and the benefits that we can experience to our overall health when we leave those environments.

  5. Career counseling is not typically covered by health insurance. As a result, you would be expected to cover the full fee ($150/hr).

    1. If that is out of budget, then please consider taking one of my e-courses.

    2. If you are a student, then be sure to connect to your school's career resources.

    3. If you are an alumni, then consider checking to see if your school has an Alumni Career Services.

If this all sounds workable for you, then send me an email using the form below, so we can get our first appointment scheduled!

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