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Red Leaves


I jokingly tell my clients that I talk for a living. In a way I do. Therapy is one part listening, one part problem-solving, and one part teaching clients how to live a better life. Speaking engagements are a great opportunity for me to reach a bigger audience, teaching them the skills to live and be healthier.

Give me a call so we can collaborate. I would love to help your organization. Maybe you are noticing your group is having a hard time dealing with conflict, organizing their time, or feeling inspired to be their best self. Let me step in and offer some practical advice and inspiration.


And as a side note, I think it is fantastic you are a leader who is looking out for the needs of your group. It's great you are investing not only in your organization but also the health of its members. We need more people like you!

It doesn't matter how big or small your group is. We'll figure out the best path forward together.

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