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Individual Psychotherapy

I'm not sure what is happening in your life to bring you to this page. I'm glad you are here because it means some part of you realizes your life doesn't have to be like it is now. You are right. Many people feel ashamed or helpless when they decide to contact a therapist. Please know that I (and basically all therapists) have a very different view on what you are doing. I think it takes guts to be honest enough to tell yourself that you need to change. I think it takes guts to reach out to someone for feedback, support, and advice.


Therapy is teamwork. It is a meeting of the minds. Though I know a lot about mental health, no one knows more about you than you do. Therapy works best when we are our most honest, caring, and compassionate. I think my piece of the work is to give you good feedback, to ask questions to help you think about your situation from different perspectives, and to teach you good coping skills. I think your piece of the work is showing up, being honest, and following through with our good ideas outside of session.

I have particular interest working with individuals who have relationship (conflict, divorce, codependency, parenting adult children) and/or identity (LGBTQ, career, religious, etc) concerns or who are experiencing transitions (job changes, pregnancy, relocation, etc). Career, relationship, and identity issues are favorites of mine. I also prioritize making space for healthcare workers impacted by the pandemic as well as mental health providers interested in psychodynamic therapy.

I do not provide couples or family therapy. I do not offer evening and weekend appointments. I accept most major insurance companies, including Medicare. I am out of network with Cigna and Tenncare.

I charge $160 for our initial appointment. Most people like to schedule hour-long appointments, though I am happy to meet for 30 or 45 minutes if you prefer. The cost of the appointment depends on its length ($80-150). Likely your insurance will cover a good portion of the cost of your care. We'll check with your insurance before our first appointment to figure out your exact out-of-pocket cost.​

I'm in part-time practice, so it's common for me to not have openings. That's OK. There are a lot of great therapists in town. Check at the bottom of my page to see if I have openings. If not, click here or here.

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