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About Me

Let me start by saying that I think I may have the perfect job. I love being a psychologist and can't help but bring that energy into the room with me when I'm meeting with clients.

I graduated from Penn State in 2010 with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. While there, I grew tremendously as a psychodynamic therapist and a career counselor. After I completed my post doctoral training (also at Penn State), I moved to Tennessee. I worked at Cherokee Health Systems for a couple of years before transitioning into my own, solo practice.

What does psychodynamic mean to me? It means that I think our early experiences and relationships are incredibly influential on how we treat ourselves and the kind of relationships we find ourselves in today. It doesn't mean we only talk about the past. It doesn't mean we try to find people in our past to blame for our problems. 

Instead, it means we look to the past to understand what patterns have come to be over time. It helps us to tease apart what is actually happening in your life now from what happened before.

My time with clients is spent talking about relationships. Your relationships with friends, family, co-workers. It also means talking about your relationship with yourself. It pays to notice your own internal voices which may be critical or judgmental.

What do I specialize in? Relationships! I treat people for a variety of conditions. You'll find it all leads back to relationships in my book. Some other issues include: depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, chronic pain, eating disorders, personality disorders, family conflict, parenting, trauma/abuse, PTSD, and LGBTQ+ concerns. My work is informed by the Health At Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating (IE) movements.

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